A self-appointed Prophet Threatens to blow up the catechist of a Catholic church

A self-appointed prophet in Edem community in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State has threatened to blow up the catechist of a Catholic church in the area for allegedly discouraging people from going to his prayer house.
It was gathered that trouble started between the two men of God when the prophet, identified simply as Ekene, noticed that people no longer trooped to his church.
Ekene was said to have made inquiries and gathered that the catechist of St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, Mr. Joseph Ugwu,, allegedly acting on the orders of the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Patrick Ujah, had repeatedly announced in the church that members of the congregation should desist from visiting the prayer house
Our Sources stated that this did not go down with the prophet who had stormed the town like a cyclone for some time, seeing vision for people and thereby pulling crowd to his church.
He held vigils almost every night and people trooped to his centre because of “mind-blowing testimonies” from those who visited him.
A source said: “Things assumed a dangerous dimension when the prophet allegedly applied some Catholic doctrines in his prayers apparently to attract more people. He began his prayers with the sign of the cross, while the rosary was also said in every gathering.
“However, the style of his vision brought confusion among people, enthroning rancour, and mutual suspicion. People began to see their brothers as the source of their problems, while some who visited the prophet insisted that the names of their enemies should be revealed to them.”
It was gathered that Ujah had sent for the prophet and told him to get authority from the Catholic secretariat in Nsukka and identification from his home parish before he could continue with the mode of worship, but he failed to do so.
Consequently, the priest forbade Catholics from visiting the prophet or risk excommunication.
Enraged by the adverse effect of the order on his church, the prophet sent emissaries to the catechist to mind his business.

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