Why Your Pupils Get Larger WhenYou’re High On Drugs?

If you where a Science Student back in Secondary school you would probably remember these from your science classes, your pupils dilate as a way of responding to changes in light. The darker it gets, the larger your
pupils get.
They expand for other reasons too. According to online sources and the voice of experience, pupils expand when people are sexually aroused and when they are completing complex cognitive tasks. Certain drugs—including illicit drugs—also make your pupils bigger.
Psychotropic drugs can have an obvious effect on the muscle groups in the eye and cause pupil Dilation or Mydriasis. Which muscle group is influenced depends on the type of drug one takes. Generally, pupil Dilation can be caused by stimulants or really any drug that affects the Adrenal glands.
Drugs that cause the release of dopamine, a related Neurotransmitter, can also cause one’s pupils to enlarge. Dvorsky notes: “ Marijuana is a good example. Dopamine causes pupils to Dilate by exciting the Adrenergic receptors. Not all drugs will produce the same degree of pupil Dilation. For example, MDMA will have a much more profound effect on pupil Dilation than an Antidepressant.”

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