Photo: Why Abdulmutalab's Underwear Bomb Failed to Detornate

3 years after the failed attempt by a Nigerian, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, to detonate an explosive aboard a Northwest Flight 253 in the United States of America, facts have emerged why the explosive failed to go off.
Abdulmutallab, the son of one of Nigeria’s most prominent businessmen, has since been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for his action.
 However, the FBI has revealed the reason why the explosives failed to go off over Detroit as planned on December 25th, 2009.
Two FBI agents, in a recent chat, said Umar confessed that he had worn the explosive underwear for three weeks in order to get used to it and make sure he could get it through security.

“So basically for three weeks he wore this garment, this underwear with this device in it. We think ultimately that is probably what caused the disruption in the sequence of events in the explosion,” said FBI agent Ted Peissig.
The FBI agents also revealed that Umar was not recruited by al Qaeda, until he almost forced his way into the sect. “He sought out al Qaeda relentlessly,” another FBI agent on the case, Mike Connelly said. “He persisted and he was almost turned away at times, you know, by al Qaeda. But he refused to relent.”
It would be recalled that during his trial Abdulmutallab had described the bomb in his underwear as a ‘blessed weapon’ to avenge the poor treatment of Muslims around the world.

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